Decade Capacitance PCB
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This decade capacitance PCB is not exactly a decade adjustable piece of test gear.  In order to make it truly adjustable in decade format it would nearly double the cost of the product.  Instead we opted to put sets of 4 or 5 equal value capacitors in parrallel.  Below is the dial cross reference to capacitance.

This board uses several MLCC low ESR capacitors and  can measure be adjusted from 2pF up to 100uF.  The capacitance can be turned off by turning all knobs all the way to the left.  Capacitance can be added across the dials.  Ex: Dial1=50pF and Dial2=1000pF then the total capacitance is 1050pF.  The switches are break before make contact configuration.  The PCB measures 2.0” square.  The PCB comes with 3 different ways to hook up your wires: male 0.1” header, female 0.1” header, and a flying lead spring cage connection.  Schematics and EagleCAD files are available for download at  

This can be ordered two different ways:

1. COMPLETE: Completely built and soldered ready to use for $40.

2. PARTIAL: Surface mount resistors come soldered to the board only and you have to solder the through hole components for $30.  Through hole components are supplied.

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Decade Capacitance PCB

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